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Linux Hosting Dubai

The internet is flooded with sites providing different hosting services. You can use these hosting services to upload content on your website. For this you have two options, you can either host your own server or buy a hosting plan from web hosting companies. For starters, buying your own server and maintaining it is not an affordable work. For this, you have to hire a professional software and hardware engineer that will maintain your web server 24/7.

On the other hand, buying a hosting plan from companies is a very cheap process. You just have to pay a limited annual fee and all the things are handled by the companies employee. Many hosting servers works on two different Operating system platform, Linux and Windows. The Linux based platform is cheaper as compared to Windows-based platform. The main reason is that Linux is an open sourced operating system. Which means you can use Linux application free of cost.

Virtual servers running on Linux operating system offers virtual control of all the backend server functionalities. Linux root server provides flexibility in accessing the Linux hosting with Cpanel. One of the main features of Linux based servers is that you don't have to worry about Malware or Trojan viruses. This means the risk of getting affected and losing your website content is pretty much low as compared to sites running on windows based servers. Most organizations with higher video and audio streaming uses Linux based Red5 servers. Red5 servers are low prices servers providing stability as well as security.

Because of the user-friendly interface, Linux VPS hosting is the first choice for many business organizations.

Features of Linux VPS Hosting:

  • OS updates and real-time monitoring
  • Instant provisioning
  • Linux software support (Apache, Ruby, PHP, etc)
  • MsSQL database
  • FTP and Email Account
  • Linux Hosting with cPanel, SSH and root access
  • Operating system Security Patches
  • Customize and install Applications
  • Customized Hardware and software specs

Linux Hosting in Dubai

Dubai is the global hub of many business organization around the globe. Most of the physical and virtual traffic makes its way to the shore of Dubai developed economy. Hosting your website on our server is the best option for global traders. GCC is providing cutting edge VPS hosting services at an affordable cost. Our Linux-based servers run on CentOS Operating System with full root access and cPanel support.

Our VPS servers run on multiple layers of network security with no single point of failure. Either you choose Windows or Linux based servers, each VPS performs as a stand-alone server for its applications and users. Each VPS server plan has its own configuration files, Users, Root access, Memory and CPU customization, Application, IP addresses, and system libraries. GCC web hosting guarantee Quality performance and Enhanced Security.

If you want complete control of your environment, host unlimited domains, and databases and want to install your custom based applications then VPS hosting is best suitable for you. GCC aims to provide high-quality web hosting services in the UAE and the middle east. Support is available 24/7 through live chat and Helpdesk.

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