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Database Hosting Service

A database is a term that most likely everyone is aware of in the IT industry. A database can be defined as a structured way of data organized in a useful way for easy storage and retrieval process. Any form of data that you have requires storage space, whether its media or website content, is stored on a database.

To store data on the internet, a DataBase Management System DBMS is introduced to create, store, add, delete, manipulate and process data. MySQL is one of the best examples of Database Management System. The main objective of these services is to deliver database driven application online. On the internet, this sort of database services is crucial to run programs like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relation Management). Apart from this each of these database services comes with a graphical client management interface, making it easy to use by everyone.

GCC web hosting provides a fully-managed database service that makes it easy to create, manage, maintain and administer a database on the server machine. GCC offers high performance, reliability, scalability, convenience, and security for every database hosting. Let GCC manage your database services, so you can focus on your other business matters. GCC web hosting is perfect for WordPress, E-Commerce, Business, and custom build websites.

Some Salient Features of GCC Web Hosting

  • Database Creation, scripting, execution, and management

  • Monitoring of Disk Space

  • Setup of website backup

  • Running SQL queries when required

  • Graphical interface for performance monitoring

  • Standard API's and Application installation choice

  • Fully Managed and Secure environment

  • Developer Friendly

  • Troubleshooting and configuration

  • Emergency Escalations 24/7

Best Database Web Hosting Service in UAE

  • MySQL

    World's most popular database used in many Wordpress sites. Famous for its quick and flexible data processing.
  • PostgreSQL

    PostgreSQL is a powerful database management system that offers minimal maintenance efforts and higher durability, making it a prime choice for everyone.
  • phpMyAdmin

    phpMyAdmin provides an easy interface to manage your MySQL database. It allows you to create, manage and delete tables.
  • Microsoft SQL Server

    One of the most popular Database system designed to easily store and retrieve data on a larger scale with high performance.
  • MS Access

    Originally designed for Personal usage, MS Access is used mainly for application storage data.
  • Oracle Database

    One of the most popular database system used in running online transactions, mixed database workload and data warehousing. Mainly used by larger business organizations.

GCC Expert Support for Database Service

If you're considering the services of Database Hosting, you're surely planning on making database services as your significant part of a business. We provide unlimited MySQL databases for unlimited memory space. This will give you the freedom to store as much data as you like on a website.

Let us take the complexity of handling your database. We have certified professionals that can manage your Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server. Whether you're running a Cloud Hosting or Database hosting, our experts can help you to select the best web hosting for your business.

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