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Virtual Private Server VPS Hosting UAE

A VPS hosting or vps server refers to Virtual Private Server hosting that manages your website database, Management and plays an important part in the overall performance of a website. If you're planning to host a website online then VPS is the best way to do it because of the low cost and higher durability features. A VPS runs its own kind of Operating System (Windows or Linux) that provides advanced user level features such as Scalability, Customization, Control Panel, Database Management and much more. If you choose a VPS hosting services, then you can install your own software that you need in the server.

GCC web hosting provides the best VPS hosting Servers that are both reliable and durable. Get UAE Web Hosting services at affordable prices. On an average VPS server, there are two types of Operating systems that are mainly used, Windows and Linux VPS servers.

Windows VPS Hosting

Windows hosting is useful when you have a medium or big organization because of mainly its an expensive one. It supports and Microsoft SQL access.

Linux VPS Hosting UAE

Linux hosting is useful when you have a small or medium organization because its a little cheaper then windows hosting. It's an Open source operating system and most of the applications available on Linux are completely free.

Some Notable Features of VPS hosting are

  • High Available Storage
    SSD based block storage are available for better data transfer and performance
  • Easy Management
    You can easily check your CPS remotely with user-friendly Admin Panels access.
  • Data Backup
    Advance data backup features that can be customized to take backups on a daily basis
  • Secure Network
    VPS runs at warp speed on GCC highly secured network system.
  • Flexibility
    Configure your VPS with applications and Operating system of your choice.
  • Cutting Edge Hardware
    Fully customized Hardware specs with Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron 6000 Series CPUs with DDR3-4 Ram.
  • Ever Ready Support
    A team of highly professional Customer support availability 24/7.
  • Extra Features

    There are tons of extra features including Email account, Free Domains, FTP account and much more.

Why choose GCC Virtual Private Servers Web Hosting?

GCC web hosting Dubai is an ideal gateway between dedicated and shared hosting servers. Our VPS plans are custom assembled, streamlined, secured and affordable. Our SSD servers offer large data storage and computing power on every CMS platform. Ssl certificate and the back-up of the server is taken on a daily basis which means you don't have to worry about your website data. You will have exclusive access to your Operating system. You can use all the server programs like Apache, MySQL, PHP and more. You can customize these services from your C-panel platform based on your needs. GCC web Hosting is suitable for small, medium and big business industries who prefers VPS hosting at an affordable cost. Our Software system is easy to use and 100% secure. We consistently keep track of your VPS hosting and notify you in case of an emergency. Want to know more about our VPS hosting services? Contact us and one of our representatives will gladly answer your queries.

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