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Magento Web Hosting Dubai, UAE

The aim of a website is to provide services online. It also helps to reach out to a great number of audience increasing promotion and functionality of an online store. There are hundreds of platforms that allow you to showcase your products online but Magento is very popular among all. Magento has created an easy online platform for business owners around the globe. It has connected online dealers and sellers on a single platform. Apart from this, Magento is the prime choice of many Digital Marketers because it creates Search Engine Friendly web stores.

Magento Web hosting allows you to make a visualized online store that is both manageable and customizable. Also, it provides update features which give customers an easy way to navigate the website. The platform is built from many modern-day web technologies. The ideal hosting environment of Magneto is LAMP Stack server.

Some highlighted features of Magento Web hosting are:

  • No Page views or Traffic Limit
  • Automatic Plugin/Extension Updates
  • Secure infrastructure
  • Full Server and Control Panel Access
  • Shipping, Checkout, and Payment
  • Catalog and Product Browing

Why choose Magento As your Prime E-commerce Platform?

Support Varies Currency and Languages

Magneto supports all types of currencies available in the open market. It also supports some famous cryptocurrencies. This is the main reason Magneto is the ideal selection for any national and international business.

Advance CMS and Hosting Options

Magento supports an interactive Content Management System where you can simple customize a product. Magento web hosting allows online business owners to showcase their products in a trouble-free way.

Availability and Maintenance Features

Unlike any other e-commerce platform, Maintenance of a website in Magento platform is a straight forward process. As it is an open source software, customizing the default functionalities of Magento gives you more reliability and development progress.

Search Engine Friendly

Apart from having a versatile website, it is important that your products should be visible to the audience. For this, Magento offers Search engine friendly platform that is both effective and reliable. Now you don't have to install third-party plugins for Search engine ranking. You can use Magento Search Engine features to rank your products on the first page of Google.

Security and Performace

As most of the E-commerce websites process crucial information such as Credit card numbers and personal contacts. Magento offers a secure transaction process certified by McAfee or ScanAlert. In addition to this Magento, website performance is 2.5x times faster than other platforms. Such performance comparison can be found on the official Magento Enterprise Partners website.

The Magento Hosting services we offer

  • Installation, management and customize of Magento solution
  • Shopping platform development
  • CMS development
  • Theme and plugin developments
  • Module development
  • Extensions Development
  • Custom Scripting Programming Languages
  • Website Real-Time monitoring
  • Database and Email Account support
  • Backup and Security Service

Magento Hosting in Dubai, UAE

Every e-commerce website need ample bandwidth and limitless memory space to run successfully. Therefore, GCC provides Unlimited Magento web hosting services in the UAE to storm the search engine with your products. GCC Web Hosting UAE provide a fair blend of Magento hosting services including Unlimited Disk space, Bandwidth, Database, Email and 99.9% Guaranteed Uptime. Have any thoughts our Magento services, visit our Live chat section or write a message in our helpdesk and one of our Magento experts will reach out to you.

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