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SQL Server Hosting Dubai

A Database Management System is required in order to store data online. In simple terms, a DBMS is a pool of information. Here you store all your website content. You can create, store, retrieve, trace and process data in a shorter time. Database management system has come a long way in the software development industry and gained its popularity in many business industries. Almost all business organization have replaced their traditional documentation system with DBMS. There are many DBMS available for web hosting nowadays. One of the most famous DBMS is SQL server hosting.

What is MS SQL?

Microsoft Structured Query Language is an application developed for DBMS. MS SQL allows you to create, manage and access databases on a remote machine known mainly as servers. This server includes mirroring of different databases. All of these servers are connected together to decrease workload and increase overall server performance. Either you choose a dedicated or Shared hosting, chances are they are all built around SQL.

Microsoft SQL server is mostly used when you choose Windows-based web hosting. It is capable of handling thousands of requests per second making it the most reliable SQL database in the IT industry.

Microsoft SQL Server Hosting Dubai

GCC provides the best MS SQL Database hosting services in Dubai, UAE. The unrivaled scalability, performance, and availability make our server hosting services the number one choice of business owners around the globe.

We have installed the latest updated version of SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2012 on each of our machine. Our Packages has been designed in such a way that it provides all the premium services at an affordable price.

Why Choose GCC Web Hosting Services?

Each of our web hosting plans is fast-tuned, with blazing fast speed that matches your every need.

MS SQL Server Specialist

We have certified a team of MS SQL Specialists available to assist you in every way possible.

SQL Server with Encryption

Each of our web hosting company plans comes with SSL encryption availability, making a secure connection for both sides.

Data Backup

Here at GCC, Data Security is our top priority. Our servers are designed in such a way that it takes continuous remote backup for your databases.

High-Performace Server Hardware

We use enterprise-grade custom hardware servers with powerful 12-core Xeon Processors and DDR4 Rams.

99.9% Uptime

Because of our custom build hardware servers, each of our web hosting service plans comes with 99.9% Uptime guaranteed.

Free Email and FTP Accounts

All our Shared/Dedicated/VPS/Cloud hosting comes with free Email Account and FTP Access.

DDoS protection

We have a secure multiple layer network that is capable of handling any sort of DDoS Attacks up to 2 Gbps.

Powerful Control Panel

Each of our web hosting plans comes with a highly interactive Monitoring system.

Ultra-Fast Network

All of our servers are available in prime location around the globe with a dedicated network speed of up to 100 Mbps.


Your Business can do a lot better with a SQL Database Management System. Our main goal is to provide the best hosting solution for everyone that is both fast and reliable.

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